Anyone that lives in a home that has more than one floor will need to deal with stairs. While you might only think of them in terms of the inconvenience you have to deal with when climbing between floors, there are also safety concerns with stairs to consider.

Falling down stairs has lead to injuries and deaths every year, so caution is worthwhile, especially if you have those living in your home that are in the two highest risk categories – young children and older ones. Here are some items to check:

  • Railings – If your railings aren’t attached well, they could come loose when used as support by someone. If there are splinters in the railings, these could get stuck in a hand and cause a person to flinch and fall.
  • Steps – The steps of your stair need to be evenly spaced out, or they will make it easier to trip.
  • Carpet – If your stairs are covered by carpet, check that it is firmly attached or it will be a trip hazard.
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